esploro projects


Seniority combined with modern solutions and ideas.

Why esploro projects?

Our impressive track record includes projects in which we are acting as partner, or subcontractor or facilitator. Currently, we are managing many projects in Horizon 2020, among others, with a budget ranging from 800K€ to 10M€ in grants. Our current portfolio is worth over 55M€. We provide our service to accompany the complete project lifecycle. Our approach is quite different from the usual EU research support: We don´t take over your project, we guide you through it. Thus, you stay in the driver seat!


Our Company

EU research support remains a vital need that esploro projects specializes in fulfilling. Our customers and partners value our personnel as highly effective and absolutely reliable in our commitments. In turn, we are grateful for the trust which has been put in us over the many years we have been in business.


Our Mission

Is to guide you through your project, not by taking it over, but by enabling you to focus on the research and technology you are best at. We provide technical and administrative guidance and support that will enable all partners to focus on the real technical work at hand and to leverage the value of that work for their stakeholder.

  • We familiarize you with key indicators for success of an EU research project.
  • We lead you through the EU rules and regulations as well as associated tools so that you receive your funding easily and in a timely way.
  • We oversee for you all of the burdensome administrative tasks required by the funding agency.
  • We guide you to the experts in special technical areas.
  • And much, much more...