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Strategic consulting for Industry and Research.

Areas of Expertise



Participation in EU-funded R&T Projects often requires forming alliances with different cross-domain partners who have knowledge, expertise and/or infrastructure complementary to your own. To help you to accomplish this, we analyse the research environment focusing on both technical and strategic aspects of your project. On request we can also contact the candidates and evaluate the interest in collaboration.


Consortium Management

CleanSky2 has some special needs, and we know all about them.  In addition to typical project management according to the principles of PMI© and the reporting tasks required by the European Commission, we have special expertise in planning, amending, and implementing of projects and tasks specifically associated with CleanSky2 to protect your intellectual property and innovations.



Proposal Development / Service

Preparing a proposal for a collaborative research project involves numerous time-consuming tasks which have little to do with the technical content of the proposal. esploro projects provides the complete range of services for industries, research establishments and SME aiming to write a successful proposal for CleanSky2. Dependent on the candidates’ experience in the EU funding business, our services are designed to guide you through the process, addressing all stages of proposal writing to ensure a top-quality submission.

Dissemination & Exploitation

We think that making your results visible to those who matter is a great opportunity for your project. However, choosing your target groups and strategy of dissemination can be tricky. We can help you navigate the guidelines for protecting your intellectual property rights and provide you with a well-defined strategy for dissemination and exploitation with an eye on the project's durable influence, after its end and even beyond. You can be assured that we know and will propose the right means and strategies for you.


CleanSky2 ushered in an agenda that requires consistent and meticulous communication. Beyond the goal of a smoothly functioning project, another important aim of a good communication strategy is to promote your project and its results beyond the project’s own community. You want to ensure that the significance of your research is understood by the non-specialists among your crucial support groups, as well as the media and the public. A well-planned program has a water tight communication strategy.

We know the procedures involved and can help you find and implement the best communication strategy for your project. We maintain a network of communications experts who can fulfil your needs, whether you are working on paper-based memos and reports or want to publish to the world in any number of exciting ways, from short video to cinematic quality documentary.

Proposal Assessment (Pre-Evaluation)

If you already have a proposal, we strongly recommend a technical pre-assessment of your draft before official submission. We have a well selected network of world-class experts on proposals destined for the EU. Assessment of a proposal takes approx. two working days, which typically includes a deep dive assessment of the proposal's viability, impact and implementation. Needless to say, this assessment is best done well in advance of your deadline.                                                                                                                                                

Project management Portal

Projects with partners across Europe need careful management and the management tool you choose is important. However, storing project data without duplication and having it up-to-date and readily accessible for all authorized, requires the right choice of tool among the many available for Horizon 2020.  At esploro projects, we are familiar with the pros and cons of each management tool and, depending on the size, complexity, and implementation of your project within CleanSky2, we can tell you which will be most appropriate.